A downloadable game for Linux

Hi ! 

It  has been quite some time I haven't participated in a jam, but what a cool jam this one is :)

Disclaimer, it's a version with the editor and a lil' bash script running the game.

(had to do it as exported build crashes :( )

You control a simple character, holding ads in his hand and spam passerby in order to give them, until your stash depletes and you make consumerism win !

  • Controls :
    • R To Reload
    • Arrows to move (or zqsd)
    •  Space to give ad

More technical details on the Github page.

Install instructions

Games crashes, please wait for a fix.

Still usable in editor, with the sources that are on the GitHub page


Rejected Trolley Wanderers_with_editor.zip 220 MB

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